Areas of Focus

Leading Across Differences

Pourquois Diversity Consulting, LLC is committed to providing customized, strategic solutions to address the specific needs of your organization’s culture. We drive sustainable, measurable results in the workforce, workplace, and advancing organizational cultural competence. Our custom Diversity & Inclusion strategies and solutions are built around evidence-based frameworks.  Our processes start with understanding your mission and defining your Vision of Success so we can move to developing your unique strategy for development.

Consulting Services

Creating Inclusive Multicultural Work Environments

We begin with an understanding of your mission and desired vision. Leading across differences and creating inclusive excellence are foundational to building the required collaboration for solution driven strategies within the context of your organization.

Training and Education

Advancing Cultural Humility in Patient Care

Culture humility is A life-long process of self-reflection and self-critique to understand personal biases and to develop and maintain mutually respectful partnerships based on mutual trust. In this workshop participants explore the intersection of cultures: patient, provider and organization and the influence and impact on patient outcomes and the work environment. Participants receive information, increase personal awareness, and learn tools to improve interpersonal effectiveness across differences and create inclusive work environments.

Diversity and Inclusion: Foundational to Organization Excellence

This workshop examines inclusive leadership and intercultural skills, and how unconscious bias, attitudes and stereotypes result in subtle forms of prejudice and undermine effectiveness in fostering inclusion.

Mentoring: A Gateway to Increased Organization Performance

Mentoring is recognized as an effective retention strategy and a learning engagement experience that encompasses growth for mentor and mentee. This workshop offers a structured approach on designing and implementing a mentoring program that aligns within the context of your organization.

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I believe, others who attended found the workshop valuable and helpful. There is always a desire to have more colleagues experience the same material so we could raise the level of cultural humility as a whole.

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